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Our upcoming events:

December, 17, 20:05
It's a Free World...

Plot Synopsis:

Angie gets the sack from a recruitment agency for bad behaviour in public. Seizing the chance, she teams up with her flatmate, Rose, to run a similar business from their kitchen. With immigrants desperate to work the opportunities are considerable, particularly for two girls so in tune with these times.

Ticket costs: 150r. Film is in English with Russian Subtitels. If you are coming send me a feedback.

Meet on M. Novokuznetskaya
In the Centre


December, 10, 19:00
Round-Table Discussion
Global Crisis and Its Effect on All Countries
Speaker: James Hearn

This Wednesday we are waiting for one of the dearest comraids of Yes-club, Professor James Hearn, UN representative. He became our friend and dearest speaker and is always happy to see Yes-members and have a good constructive discussions. This Wednesday we will discuss the most topical question that concerns each of us: Crisis!!! To my mind we can not neglect the surrounding situation all over the world and in our country and should discuss it with the our dearest friend concerning the events that worries all the society. So join the discussions.


December, 3, 19:00
Parliamentary debates
Too much information spoils the Youth

On these debates we will discuss the effect of information on "youth". Let me first give you a brief definition from Cambridge dictionary: the period of your life when you are young, or the state of being young. Nowadays we find all kinds of information everywhere just pushing a button of even motionless. There is no escape. Do we need this escape? "Too much information" is, on the contrary, very helpful but on the other hand if you think thoughtfully about the problem of "too much information" maybe you will find some controversial facts. So make a small preparation but not too much.=)) At 18.00 we will have editorial board.

Editorial Board Meeting
Journalism section


November, 26, 19:00
Round-Table Discussion
The Democratic Reaction to the Recent Election
Speaker: Andrew Hardisty

On Tuesday, November 4, the United States elected a new president - the nominee from the Democratic Party, Barack Obama. But the Democrats didn't just win the White House; they also won control of both houses of Congress: the Senate and the House of Representatives. On Wednesday, November 26, Andrew Hardisty will come to our club to discuss these results and what they mean for the Democratic Party. Mr. Hardisty is the local head of the Democrats Abroad, the official international branch of the Democratic Party.

Editorial Board Meeting
Journalism section


November,12, 19:00
Round-Table Discussion
The secrets of India
Speaker: Krishna Neelamraju

TThis Wednesday we are happy to see our Indian Guest Krishna Neelamraju, who is working in ICICI bank. He was glad to tell our club some interesting facts about his homeland,India and its people. This evening I guaranty you that we will immense in the unique beauty of Indian traditions and culture. India is a precious stone for everyone beginning with the archeologist and ending with common tourist that goes there to experience a new feeling of big expectations. So prepare your questions to our guest. But before writing down the question think what you personally want to take away from the yes-meeting.


November, 5, 19:00
Round-Table Discussion
Horror Stories from Collins

This Wednesday meeting is dedicated to Halloween.It has already passed but yes-club has its own calender of holidays.And it says that on 5th of November we will celebrate it in our own unique and unforgettable way.Take your masks and some sweets.Make a horror story or remember something dreadful from your past if you have such an experience and come on 5th of November.The best story will win a prize. It will be a classical Halloween celebration.


October, 29, 19:00
Round-Table Discussion
Investment Banking in Perspective
Speaker: Ivan Zyuzin

For many years the world of finance and particularily investment banking has been the paramount of young professionas' and graduate students' ambitions. Even in this "volatile" period Goldman Sachs, Merill Lynch and JP Morgan (amoung others) receive thousands of applications per week for their entry roles. But what is there behind the posh entrance halls and glittering marble stairs? Is everything gold that glitters indeed? Our guest is prepared to share his experience from his summer internship with Investment Banking division in Goldman Sachs office in London. What is behind the puls of the city and the price young people must be prepared to pay when they choose Investment Banking


October, 22, 19:00
Parlamentary Debates
Living in a credit - no way out

This Wednesday we are holding yes-club monthly debates.Debates is a good chance for each yes-member to practice his/her rethoric and persuasion skills. There will be two debating sides: pro and cons.One group that will pesrsuate for the statement and another one against. So don't be late. If you feel that you are coming late read the rules of parlemantary debates on our site.At the begining of our meeting I will explain the structure of parlamentary debates and than we will split into teams.There will be given 10-15 minuts for working out main statements. If you think you will feel more confident if you prepare for debates in advance you are welcome to do it=)


October, 15, 19:00
Round-Table Discussion
Money and the 2008 Presidential Elections
Speaker: Lisa Gregory

Have you ever heard the phrase “campaign finance reform”? This is just one of the many hot topics surrounding money in U.S. politics that gets heatedly discussed all over the country. U.S. Embassy Deputy Cultural Attache Lisa Gregory will talk about how money is raised in electoral campaigns, how much money candidates raise, what rules govern the ways in which candidates raise money and other relevant issues. Ms. Gregory has been in the U.S. diplomatic service for 14 years. Her specialty is political analysis and rule of law development, but she is currently in charge of the U.S. Speakers Program in Russia. Prior to coming to Moscow, she served overseas in India, Japan, Bosnia and Albania. She has also had assignments at the U.S. State Department in the Human Rights and Democracy Bureau, the Arms Control Bureau and the South Central Europe Bureau. Ms. Gregory received her law degree from Columbia University and her B.A. from Harvard University. In 1988, she was a Fulbright Scholar to South Korea. Ms. Gregory has studied Russian, French and Japanese. Aside from work, she loves to sing, and has also been involved in canine rescue for many years.


October,8, 19:00
Studing in London

Dear friend, on the 8th of October we are celebrating yes-club 11th anniversary.What we are going to do? Firstly, one of our new dearest members Asya wants to tell about her studing in London and make a short coloful presentation.Than we will are going to have a gamefull and tasty celabration of 11th anniversary.There will be a lot of sweets and candies but you can also participate by bringing yours.If you are coming don't forget to send a feedback. After the celabration editorial board will have a meeting. If you are eager to take part in it you are welcome.

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