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What are our meetings like?

Our "YES"-club is closely linked with the American Embassy, the British Council, Dinternal. However, not only the representatives of these highly respected organizations are welcomed to our club. As a rule, these are people of various professions: teachers, poets, bards and even our "student-brothers-and-sisters"! One thing is guaranteed:

ALL of them are BRIGHT individuals, EXTRAORDINARY personalities and just AMASING people!!!

"YES"-club sessions are held in three formats:

1) Round Table Discussions
Meetings with the most interesting English-speaking guests.
2) Debates
Competing in this challenging art of debating. Learn to defend your point of view with the help of qualified mentors.
3) YES-Club Holidays
Holidays and celebrations! Guitars and Christmas carols! St. Patrick's Day and All Saints ' Day! What is our life without a bit of fun?!


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