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Hey! Hey! Hey!
Here is the HOLIDAY!!!

Oh, yes! As holidays have always been a perfect reason for rejoicing and celebrations! And with our club you get even more of these reasons, because:

  • We're "YOUTH English Section" - and the young enjoy the Free Way in every aspect of our life! Only the team of the young and active is always ready for crazy celebrations on a scary Halloween night, for the warmest greetings on a frosty Christmas Eve, and of course, for the truest words of Love and genuine Affection on St. Valentine's Day…
  • We're "Youth ENGLISH Section" - which means that we add traditional British and American holidays (like for example, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Presidents' Day) to our Russian and International calendars. You haven't heard of them yet?!! Join in! We'll show you!
  • We're "Youth English SECTION" - and that means that there are so many of us! So many different bright young people united by our club's ideas! We are open to everyone!

So, besides our Journalist Club discussions and constructive Round Tables with our highly honoured guests we willingly celebrate the red letter days (and not only of the Russian calendar!) You are welcome to the Anglican St Andrew's Church in the center of Moscow on the Christmas Eve (December, 24-25) and to a crazy raid along the Tverskoy boulevard on Halloween, as well as to the Celtic music concerts - singing and dancing on St Patrick's Day, etc…

We will be happy to have fun together with You!!!

Join in!

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