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How Y-outh E-nglish S-ection C-ome L-ove U-nite B-ring in was born

"YES"-CLUB origin

In spite of the seeming maturity, our "YES"-club is comparatively young. As a true "child" of the newspaper "September, 1st" it was born right before the Teacher's Day: on the 1st of October, 1997.

Originally the club was set up as an association of young journalists of the newspaper "English" (mostly the junior university and high school students) who filled the "Youth English Section" page with their literary masterpieces. The "Journalist Section" held regular meetings twice a month to discuss the most interesting and pressing topics for future articles.


Gradually growing, the club took on some fresh ideas. The appearance of such a new phenomenon as "Discussion Club" brought about a new type of "YES-page" articles. Those were reports and reviews about each meeting with native speakers who were regularly invited to deliver talks at "YES"-club. The main idea of these "round table" discussions, holidays and debates was (as it is now, actually) the ACTIVE practice of English, and every possible help in overcoming the language barrier. In its earlier years "YES-club" was mostly oriented on school students. That was why our activists paid many visits to Moscow and Moscow regional schools to acquaint the kids with the UK and the USA traditions and holidays.

New sections

It goes without saying that such kind of meetings resulted in uniting our members and realizing our creative potential. No wonder, very soon besides the above mentioned "Journalist Section" and "Discussion Club" there appeared "YES Drama Club", staging many different plays, of course, in English. We performed everything - from short twenty-minute Christmas plays to serious works of classics. Here are some of the main marks of our rich stage history:

  • Bernard Shaw "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets" (February, 1998)
  • William Shakespeare "Midsummer Night's Dream" (St. Valentine, 1999)
  • Rudyard Kipling (Performing at Russian State Children's Library. March, 1999)

Not mentioning our famous performance of "Hamlet" during Shakespeare festival in April, 1998 which for sure is still the topic for discussions all over St. Petersburg! However, even then our stocks of creativity were not exhausted! In March, 2002 we organized a KVN team called "YES-BLUES", which for many years have been winning first prizes at annual University "Wit Salad" contests held on April Fool's Day. Однако и на этом наш творческий потенциал не был исчерпан! В марте 2002 года была создана команда КВН "YES-BLUES", которая вот уже несколько лет подряд занимает призовые места на 1-апрельских межвузовских играх "Wit Salad".

"YES" today

During all these years of existence "YES"-club grew and developed together with its members. Consequently, our interests, goals and tasks were also changing. Our club's activities are targeted at the young active and talented people who want to develop the leadership and communicative skills and to learn lots of new interesting facts, to meet extraordinary charismatic people and to share their opinion and outlook on this rapidly changing world.

At present time "YES"-club sessions include the following activities:

  1. Weekly meetings with speakers - the most interesting people of different professions and hobbies (either native or fluent speakers of English).
  2. Monthly debates with qualified and experienced mentors.
  3. Work for the YES-page of newspaper "English", where You can always find our (and very soon Your own) first publications and attempts to show our worth as journalists.

We are happy to welcome students from various schools, colleges and universities with different interests and hobbies. The more we differ, the more exciting and versatile our meetings become, the better we complement one another and the easier it is for us to study, develop and perfect ourselves!

As you have already noticed, the longer our biography becomes, the more interesting and active our life gets!

Join in and add up to us!
Join in and enter YOUR name on the "YES"-club history!!!

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