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Round Table Discussions

What are our Round - Table Discussions?!

  • It's a unique CHANCE of regular communication with native speakers for all "YES"-club members!!!
  • It's an invaluable EXPERIENCE not only for those wanting to master Shakespeare's native language and learn to sound articulate expressing their ideas, but also for everyone striving for perfection and wishing not to lose their skills of spoken English. Believe us, You won't feel the lack of abilities to apply your knowledge and put it into practice!
  • It's the KEY to inner emancipation! You will learn to hold discussions and defend Your point of view, You will be able to share Your fresh ideas and to publish Your impressions in the newspaper "English"!

What do we talk about?

Everything! Starting from traveling, education, literature and religion up to globalism and politics!
  • Would You like to know in what way our universities differ from the western ones?
  • Have You ever talked to an Irish poet?
  • Is Your estimation of our western neighbors' life right? Or are You just one more "victim" of stereotypes?
  • Have You ever thought how our own country looks from across the Atlantic?
  • Is it interesting for you to know, what it is like to work as a camp-leader in America?

May be You yourself can offer an interesting topic for a discussion? Go ahead! Every "YES"-member has this opportunity!

Who are our speakers?

  • People who achieved success in the business sphere.
  • Representatives of different organizations, psychologists, embassies and Chambers of Commerce officials, professors.
  • Representatives not only of the USA and the UK, but of various countries and cultures from Africa, Asia and Europe.

Round-table Discussions help us:

  • Improve our personal qualities and competitiveness, contemplate on our downside and drawbacks preventing us from being successful and find the way to remove these obstacles;
  • Broaden our horizon and range of interests; analyze economical, political, cultural and social events, learn about numerous abilities and find our place in this huge world;
  • Learn about the peculiarities of different cultures and their perception of the world, see the things from the other side, that might be unusual for us, understand the globalizing processes, learn to adapt to them and use them to our advantage;
  • Become versatile and flexible personalities able to work in absolutely unpredictable surroundings and various conditions, make right judgments and take decisions.


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