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Youth English Section
English, the supplement of The First of September

Y.E.S. is a club of young motivated people, involved in Journalism, Politics and Economics Study.
This is an opportunity to use your energy, skills and knowledge to CREATE, to LEARN, to MAKE A DIFFEFENCE in the world around us!

Our motto is: SAY YES TO Y.E.S.!

The Y.E.S. Club is founded under the supervision and auspices of the supplement "English" of the newspaper The First of September.

Youth English Section was established on the October 1, 1997 when a group of students gathered together to create an organization which would help them to gain professional experience as well as to express themselves and to develop their talents. The main activities of the Club is working in the newspaper English which is a supplement of The First of September and organizing various projects to develop students' verbal and written English skills. The Club also establishes contacts with other newspapers and media, different youth organizations, businesses and provides professional and educational information for its members.

The Y.E.S. Club activities include:
  1. running the student's section. "Youth English Section", in the newspaper "English", including writing the articles and also doing proof-reading, editorial work
  2. organizing Round table Discussions, meeting with outstanding people, debates, forums to express our interests and concerns as well as to get more profound understanding of different points of view on questions that are vital for Russian and world politics, economy and culture
  3. gaining professional experience in journalism, business management, writing and public relations
  4. bringing together interesting and talented people
  5. organizing entertaining activities
  6. popularization of our Club as well as newspaper "English"
  7. conducting various community services and volunteer projects

The Y.E.S. Club holds its regular meetings twice a month. For more efficient work we organized committees, each committee working on a separate project.

Editorial Board
Vice-President of the Club, who also holds the title of student Editor-in-Chief, is in charge of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board consists of 15 Assistant Editors who are responsible for all the work connected with writing, correcting, editing, designing, etc.

Business Board
The President of the club is in charge of the Business board. The Business Board is responsible for all organizational functions.

Public Relationship Committee
Its main goal is promotion of the Y.E.S. Club among media organizations and in the business community of Moscow. Public Relationship Committee establishes contacts with companies, organizations, recruitment agencies, media, and provide information about international conferences, festivals, training programs and other opportunities for Club members.

Social Committee
It organizes presentations of the Y.E.S. Club and community services, various entertaining projects (plays, movies, exhibitions connected with English), celebrating English-speaking countries' holidays and festivals, including Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Halloween, and April's Fool Day.

The Club welcomes cooperation with non-profit organizations and businesses for our internship projects, volunteer opportunities, forums, and for possible future sponsorship.

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