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Members of Youth

  Liuba Gribanova
YES-Club ex-President
Education: student of Plekhanov Academy of Economics, International Economic Relationships
I consider the best qualities of myself to be activeness, purposefulness, open-mindness and "people skills". People and communication are two things that I really adore in my life. We all have to deal with people: at school, at work, with family and friends, but if you know how to do it and enjoy doing it, your life becomes a lot easier and happier. People are inexhaustible treasure: they share their knowledge and experience; they help us to understand and do things, they open and broaden the whole world for us. Life is constant development; I develop through learning people and learning from people.
Lyuba Gribanova
Ivan Zyuzin   Hello Friends!
I'm delighted you've paid attention to our humble site. My name is Ivan. I joined YES-Club as a PR-board member in 1998. From Janurary 2001 till December 2005 I acted as YES-Club president and now, turning my back on the studenship years in Moscow State University, standing on the edge of my new postgraduate life, I'm doing my best to our activists make most out of our YES-Club. And beleive me, they have been managing things better that I ever did!
Ivan Zyuzin
  Temur Yamanidze
YES-Club President since September 2007
Education:Student Plekhanov Academy, International Economic Relationships
Yes-club is a new inner world that is open for everyone who wants to improve English speaking skills, find new friends, extend your outlook and just have fun.This place makes you think creatively, communicate and work in team. Yes-club is a club that has its own image, style and atmosphere incomparable with other clubs. Finally I want to say, citing William Black, that in order "To see a world a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, to hold infinity in a palm of your hand and eternity in an hour" you need just to enter Yes.=)Say Yes to Yes.
Temur Yamanidze
Margarita Goryacheva   Hello!
My name is Rita!
I am a Student of Russian Academy of Plekhanov, faculty of Marketing.
I established my long and easy-going relationship with English long ago, and from that time I try to better it, as one of my most beloved language. I made up my membership in Yes-Club in October 2008. Since that time there have been so many events! Lections, Round Table discussions, Meetings, Christmas Eve, trips to English-speaking centers…all of these is close to You and up to You! In some months You will be ready to take new high in speaking English! To my mind the possibility to join Yes-Club is a great way to sustain your language in warm company, to make new friends and gain your own experience! Also young journalists are welcomed to our community, we publish articles on various events and we are waiting for Your creative sense of life!
We are happy to meet everyone here, in Yes-club, to make You FeeL GooD!
  Pigusova Katya
Hello dear friends!
My name is Katya. I am an active "citizen" of our unique planet YES-club inhabited by Young Enthusiastic Students and visited by extraordinary personalities. We are all united by one goal - to use English as a tool of communication. As for me I can definitely say that being a "citizen" of YES planet enriched me a lot in different spheres of my life. It did not only improve my language and social skills but also changed my view on the World. It helped me to observe crucial problems from different facets. I am sure you will profit a lot from becoming our guest or active "citizen"!
Come to our forthcoming meeting!
The password -YES ;)
Katya Pigusova
  Katya Krasovskaya
YES-Club member since 2005
Editorial board member since 2005
Education: Plekhanov Academy, management
I'm interested in learning different cultures and different languages. I really believe that YES-Club consolidates people from different countries and it is great that we can become the part of this consolidation.
Katya Krasovskaya
Julia Bibik   Yulia Bibik,
Education: Moscow state printing university
I am really glad that YES club gives an opportunity to improve English. Every meeting helps us to get a much better insight of diffrent cultures & countries as our guests from all over the world. So we can ask them & 'travel' in their world!!!
Debates help us to think logically & to see a problem from different angles. Trust me, every foreinger has it's own way of thinking which is not the same as our!!
So Say YES to YES & Join our club!!!
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