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"Say YES! to YES!" - is our motto.

Honorable guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls,

We are happy to invite you to our English-speaking club!
YES-club is unity in diversity
Our mission is to unite and develop through learning and understanding each other

We call it YES-Club and it's an abbreviation of our Youth English Section, which means the following:

  • Yes, we are young, creative and active;
  • Yes, we are learning the world by learning people;
  • Yes, we are free from stereotypes and open for everything new;
  • Yes, we are world citizens and think globally;
  • Yes, we are sharing our ideas with other and try to make our society better.

And now what we do?

First of all, we hold regular "Round Table Discussions", where the table is really round and a lot of interesting people come to join us. We consider them to be our friends. They can be either native speakers of English or great learners from different countries and cultures. In our club they present their organizations and share their views and opinions.

Secondly, we hold monthly "Debates" with a help of professionals, using Parliamentary formant. We argue about different issues - economic, political, cultural, we learn to think logically and to stand self's point of view.

Thirdly, we were born under the protection of newspaper "Pervoye Sentyabrya" and its supplementary issue "English". So we write articles about everything that bothers us, we share our impressions and ideas after each YES- meeting, and all our thoughts are published in our YES-Page in newspaper "English".

And in the end, we like to celebrate holidays - American, English, and Irish you all know what is Halloween, Christmas, maybe you've heard about St. Patrick's Day, probably you make valentines for the 14th of February. Join us; let's celebrate them together!

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